Something About The Artwork

To make the printing smoothly and excellent result, pls pay more attention to the principle below:

Artwork format

We need artwork files in Adobe Illustrator (AI.) or (PDF.) formats
To help our customers, Colorfulpack accepts a range of different file formats for submission.
These are limited to:

PDF (Portable Document Format)
AI (Adobe Illustrator)
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
PSD (Photoshop Document)

  Graphics and text designs (basically, any non-photographic content) are best submitted as vector-based PDFs, AI, or EPS. This will ensure your lines and texts are nice and crisp when printing.


All photographic content must be in the form of JPEG, PNG, or GIFs. Otherwise other artwork made in vector based platforms should stay as vectors (AI, PDF, EPS, SVG)。

Ensuring your photographic-content (JPEG, PNG, GIF) is at least 150 - 300 PPI is crucial for printing with the highest clarity. Any PPI below 150 is not recommened for print, especially for larger format prints.


Ensuring that all your image assets are embedded into your saved file is vital to avoid any attachment issues of your files. When you do not correctly embed all your images, we may result in missing images needed to print your packaging.

Dieline template

When you decide to go ahead with Colorfulpack for your packaging project, we can send you dieline template to creat artwork.


The minimum font size for legibility varies depending on the material and printing princess of your packaging. However, the safest recommended printable minimum size for fonts is generally 8pt and reverse print at 10pt.  

Keep in mind that some typefaces haave thinner or lighter font weights, which may affect the print legibility.
Dark text on light background: 6pt
Light text on dark background: 8pt
If you’re unsure if your text will print out clear, consult with our product specialists before placing your order


Color Profiles

Pls use CMYK color mode on your artwork.

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